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About McCoppin Studios

McCoppin Studios is a small architecture firm which delivers clean, simple, spirited projects to clients both in Salt Lake City, the San Francisco Bay Area and farther afield. Our background in construction, our education in design and our dedication to details allow for consistently beautiful, functional and successful projects.

We take pride in approaching each new client relationship with a fresh eye and an open mind, listening to fully understand our clients’ needs and desires, and striving for the most appropriate architectural response within the specified budget. We offer a wide array of design services ranging from pre-design consultation and master planning down to cabinetry drawings and selection of interior materials and finishes.

We encourage the philosophy of green building, promoting the recycling and re-use of existing building components, the specification of green materials and processes, and the implementation of energy efficient equipment and systems.

We maintain excellent work relationships with many highly skilled contractors and stay closely involved throughout the construction phase to ensure the flawless execution of our designs.

You can find us online at Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, and Yelp